Protections & Optional Services


Collision Damage Waiver reduces the amount to a maximum of THB 8,000 or THB 15,000 depending on the car type for each separate incident of damage if the vehicle is damaged


Super Collision Damage Waiver. An excess reduction product which reduces your damage waiver excess to zero.

*CDW and SCDW do not cover tire, wheel, windscreen, interior damage, lost car key, lost license plate or filling the wrong fuel. It will be applicable to accident damages that occur on the normal road and driven by the renter named on the rental agreement and comply with the rental agreement terms and conditions only.


Theft Protection waiver reduces the amount you pay if the vehicle is stolen during the rental period. It does not cover if you left the car unlocked, or parked in the improper areas, or not kept as an ordinary prudent man shall do to his own asset.


Personal Accident Protection covers the driver of the rented car and passengers in the event of an accident.

Additional Driver:

When you need more than one person to drive the rent car or if the primary driver does not have a credit card to pay for the rental

Baby Seat:

It is typically suitable for a child aged 6 months to 6 years old

One Way Rental:

Pick up the car at one location and drop off at the different location (one way fee may apply)

Fuel Service:

Just pay in advance for a full tank of fuel and return the car empty. No need to search for a gas station before returning the car. This is only available where you have added it as an option at the booking stage or asked to add it to your rental prior to collecting the vehicle. If you have added this option, the cost will be on your Rental Agreement Form. However, there are no refunds for any fuel you don’t use.

Drop Key Service (available in some locations): :

If you would like to return the car outside location opening hours, please park the rented car at Avis Parking only. Before drop off the car key via a key box please check your belonging and the condition of the rented car and take some photos. You will remain fully responsible for the rented car, including any damage, until Avis staff is able to locate it on the next business day and the rental charges will be calculated up to the time when the location reopens.

Note : All optional services above are not insurance of the rented car. They are the products which reduce your damage responsibility for the renter named on the rental agreement and follow rental terms and conditions only.