1. Thai International Rent a Car Co., Ltd. or Avis Rent a Car Thailand (“Company”) provided an online car rental reservation system for booking with pay now (prepaid) and pay later (pay at pick up) options. If the renter chooses to pay now, you must use credit/debit card for online payment. Reservation by this method is completed only after the renter has paid the rental fee through online payment and received a booking confirmation number from the system. The renter acknowledges that his/her credit card data provided for payment through online payment will be kept confidential by the payment gateway of The Siam Commercial Bank PLC. The Bank will verify credit card data and collect the rental from the provided credit card number provided. The Company has no obligation to verify the renter’s credit card data or involvement in the renter’s credit card data.

    In case of an error from reservation through online payment, the Company shall be responsible only for refunding the rental charged to the renter.

  2. The renter, defined as person specified in the booking as driver, must possess a credit card for pre-authorization. On the pickup date, the renter is required to present the following documents.
    • 2.1 The minimum renter age is 21 years and the maximum 65 years.
    • 2.2 Valid ID card (Thai residents) or a valid passport (Foreigners).
    • 2.3 Valid Thai Driving license (for Thais) or international Driving license (for Foreigners) of the renter and additional driver (if any).
    • 2.4 The renter’s credit card for the rental payment and for authorization of deposit.

    *If the renter paid the booking with debit card, you will need to present credit card in the same name as ID card for pre-authorization.

    **All documents must be an originals, not a copies or photos. If the renter provides incomplete documents on the pickup date or does not qualify Company’s terms & conditions, the Company reserves the right to refuse to rent car and not refund the prepaid booking amount**

  3. Rental and Optional Services
    • 3.1 Total rental does not include any optional services that the renter did not choose during the reservation. This can be purchased on the optional services page before confirming the reservation. If the pickup time is outside office opening hour (depending on each pickup location), there is additional charge of THB 535, which will be included in the rental. The total rental does not include any expense occurred during your rental such as damage, fuel, additional rental day(s), toll fees and traffic ticket, etc.
    • 3.2 If the renter needs to purchase optional services after confirming the booking, you can purchase at Avis Call Center before the pickup date or at the counter on the pickup date.
  4. The renter acknowledges that a special rate on the online reservation is limited and subject to specifications in the Company’s system which vary depending on certain period and location. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change quantities, prices or conditions without prior notice. The renter cannot claim a special discount rate shown on the website if the renter has not confirmed the reservation and not received a confirmation number.
  5. Modifications
    • 5.1 The renter is required to inform the Company at least 24 hours before the pickup time via Avis Call Center 02 251 1131 during opening hours. The renter can modify the booking for free 1 time. For pickup date modification, it should not exceed 3 months from the original pickup date of the booking and subject to car availability. The renter must pay the difference in the rental amount according to the rental rate at that time. For subsequent modifications, the renter accepts a modification charge of 20% of the total booking amount of each modification.
    • 5.2 If the renter shortens the rental duration, the renter can substitute the rental fee with optional services for example fuel service, GPS and etc. but cannot receive a cash refund.
    • 5.3 If the renter extends the rental duration, the renter acknowledges and accept that the rental rate for the additional day is different from the online rental rate. If the renter fails to inform about the extension, the Company reserves the right to charge the highest rate or the extension rate specified on the rental agreement.
  6. Cancellations, No show and Early return
    • 6.1 If the renter cancels the booking 24 hours before the pickup time, the refund will be 70% of the total prepaid booking amount.
    • 6.2 If the renter cancels the booking less than 24 hours before the pickup time or No show, it cannot be refunded.
    • 6.3 In case of an early return the Company reserves the rights not to refund for unused time under any circumstances
  7. Company responsibility
    • 7.1 If the Company cannot provide the specified car group from the renter’s booking, the renter agrees that the Company can provides a substitute car which is similar or better, based on the rental rate. Changing type of the car or upgrade will be at the Company’s discretion without prior notice to the renter.
    • 7.2 If the Company cannot provide a substitute car, the renter agrees that the Company may, at its discretion, refund the total prepaid rental. Such a refund is considered the full and final responsibility of the Company. The renter agrees to release and discharge the Company from any other responsibilities. The Company will notify the renter before the pickup date specified on the booking in case of refund because a car or substitute cannot be found.
  8. Renter responsibility
    • 8.1 The renter shall take care of the car and equipment according to the Company’s normal usage conditions. The driver must be in good health, not under the influence of alcohol, drive the rented car on normal roads, not drive through flooded areas, follow Thai traffic laws and local regulations and not use the rented car for racing or allow unauthorized person to drive it. If damage occurs from these reasons, the protections and optional services will be cancelled automatically and the renter must be responsible for full cost of damages. The Company reserves the right to cancel the service immediately, regardless of whether the rental period is completed.
    • 8.2 In case of an accident or damage to the rented car, the renter shall notify the Company of the damage or loss immediately upon becoming aware of the damage or loss. CDW and SCDW will not cover damages if the renter fails to inform the Company of the damage or loss as schedule is, or uncooperative, or provides false statements, or intends to damage the rented car, or does not comply with clause 8.1. In such cases, the renter is responsible for the full cost of damage.
  9. The renter accepts conditions and other requirements not specified herein which, are Company’s standard conditions and requirements, shown on the rental agreement provided to the renter signing the car rental agreement with Company staff.
  10. To comply with the Personal Data Protection Act A.D. 2019, the Renter agrees that Thai International Rent A Car Co., Ltd. can collect the personal data, or the person acting on behalf of, the authorized, or the representative who/that sends the data, including name, last name, citizenship identification number, address, phone number, email, copies of documents, photos and/or any other similar information. The renter also agrees that the Company can use, collect, store, send, transfer, process and/or disclose the Data to any third party relevant to the execution of this Contract under the objective of enforcement as per the objectives and conditions of this Contract only and throughout the effective term of the contract and/or within the period permitted by laws.

    In case of a dispute where the Company and the renter have different opinions, the renter agrees to comply with Company’s determination, which shall be considered final.

Last update : 09/05/2024